CivTech Engineers has successfully undertaken numerous projects across South Africa. These projects were completed for various clients, including private, municipal, governmental organizations and state owned enterprises. The Roads & Transport Department offers the services of specialists who are knowledgeable and have extensive experience in their relevant fields. Element Consulting Engineers provides a one-stop service including all the specialist disciplines required. Road types include National, Provincial, Metropolitan, Streets and Access Roads. Construction Categories include Greenfields Construction (New Roads), Rehabilitation and Rejuvenation of existing roads, Upgrading, Improvements and Routine Road Maintenance. Construction types include Re-Seal (Periodic Road Maintenance), Asphalt, Gravel, Concrete and Seal constructions.


• Structural – dams, buildings, offshore platforms and pipelines.
• Transportation – roads, railways, canals and airports.
• Environmental – water supply networks, drainage and flood barriers.
• Maritime – ports, harbours and sea defense.
• Geotechnical – mining, earthworks and construction foundations.


• Township Development
• Dam design
• Pump station design
• Bulk water pipeline & conveyance
• Water treatment plant
• Stormwater management design
• Bulk sewer design
• Sewer pump station
• Sewer treatment plant design
• Roads
• Building Services
• Bulk Earthworks
• Engineering services for residential development and certification
• Construction supervision

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